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Starry Stonewort Invasive Found In Nearby Lake

On August 16th, 2017, the invasive plant-like algae Starry Stonewort was found in Wind Lake, Racine County during a point-intercept plant survey conducted by Marine Biochemists on behalf of the Wind Lake Management District. The completed survey found two well-established populations as well as five isolated areas/stands in the northern portion of Wind Lake. Collected samples were verified by DNR, local, and Washington County Starry Stonewort experts. Advisory signs have been posted at the Wind Lake launches by the Wind Lake Management District in order to educate boaters and fall duck hunters in preventing the spread of Starry Stonework to other lakes. Herbicide treatments were conducted on the isolated patches in an attempt to limit their expansion while methods of control on the well-established populations are being investigated. Wind Lake is one of seven Wisconsin lakes, outside of Lake Michigan, where Starry Stonewort has been confirmed. Federal, State, and Regional experts are continuing to share and coordinate research on identifying the existing range of Starry Stonewort, as well as containment and control options.


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