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Fish Species in eagle lake


Eagle Lake is home to a diverse fish population. Fish regulations change and special WDNR regulations are in place for Eagle Lake. Please find signage at launches for current size restrictions and limits. Please be respectful of this great resource and quality fishing opportunity!

The following fish are located in Eagle Lake:

Northern Pike (Abundant)

Panfish Varities (Common)

Largemouth Bass (Common)

Walleye (Present)

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources makes great efforts to populate  lakes in Wisconsin from their hatcheries. Eagle Lake is often restocked to keep fish populations plentiful. In addition, the ELMD has begun supplemental annual fish stockings of both Bass & Walleye. These ELMD stockings are funded by riparian owners on Eagle Lake. 

Click to search the DNR data base for current stocking

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Below is the stocking history of Eagle Lake from 1976 - 2014

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