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Pictures of Kansasville

The following images are from postcards, preserved by Donna Olsen, who has lived her whole life at the lake.

Kansasville is an unincorporated community in Racine County, Wisconsin. The area is a part of the Town of Dover. The area has also been referred to as Brighton or Eagle Lake, Wisconsin.  


The origin for the name of the area is uncertain; some sources claim it was named after the Kansas-Nebraska Act, while others claim it was named in honor of area settlers from Kansas. Another belief on the issue is that it was named after the railroad system in town which used to operate from Wisconsin to Kansas.


 Recreation areas found in Kansasville include Eagle Lake Park and the Richard Bong State Recreation Area.



Eagle Lake is a 520 acre lake located in the Town of Dover, Racine County Wisconsin. Approximately 250 homes are located in close proximity to the lake.  Visitors have access to the lake from public boat landings and Eagle Lake Park.

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